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Pepco Providing 3,000 Free Trees to Maryland and DC Customers


From Bob Hainey: In its second year as an Arbor Day Foundation partner, Pepco is providing 3,000 free trees to customers in Maryland and the District of Columbia through the Energy-Saving Trees program. One thousand trees will be available for each Pepco jurisdiction in the District of Columbia, and Prince George’s and Montgomery counties in Maryland. Launched as a pilot initiative in 2011, the Energy-Saving Trees program conserves energy and reduces household electricity bills through strategic tree planting.

Pepco customers can reserve their free trees today at arborday.org/pepcotrees.

D.C. Tweeters Really Love Their Shoes

D.C. Tweeters Really Love Their Shoes

The new Nike Foamposite Galaxy shoes are a huge talking point in our area today, from the craziness over in Prince George's County to the absurdity of the pair up for auction on eBay for $60,000.

This screenshot puts in perspective how many people have their minds on the shoes.

The photo is of top 20 trending topics on Twitter in our region according to TrendsMap.com as of 10:30 a.m. Friday.

7 of the top 20 stories are related to these shoes.  Sprinkled in here and there are political names like Romney and Santorum, as well as multiple mentions of Syria.

New Nike Shoes Being Sold On eBay For $60,000

New Nike Shoes Being Sold On eBay For $60,000

UPDATE: This eBay listing has been removed from auction.

It's long been rumored that basketball abilities are linked to what kind of shoes players wear.

From my experiences, though, that is incorrect: I was 5'9" and couldn't jump before I put on the old school Allen Iverson-inspired Reebok "Answers", and I was also 5'9" and couldn't jump after I put on the old school Allen Iverson-inspired Reebok "Answers".

These days I stick to soccer.

Anyway, you get the point: People love basketball shoes and we all know some people are willing to pay a hefty pricetag to get their hands on the brand new Nike Whatevers.

It's all well and good to spend a hundred or two hundred bucks on your favorite shoe...but $60,000?!

That's seems to be a bit much.

Is Social Networking Social Suicide?

Is Social Networking Social Suicide?

Social networking has been and still is a big part of our lives. For some of us, it's our whole lives.

But, it can ruin your life before the blink of an eye and put you to shame. I’ve always said that Facebook should come with a sign that says: “handle with care.” Every time I tell someone that, I get the same reaction: the silent smile, the nod and shaking of the head at the same time. How tragic.

Facebook was invented in 2004 and has 845 million active users with different opinions, different personalities from different locations. That’s what makes it so fun, so mysterious and makes it so easy to find friends that you didn’t even know you had.

Who needs them? Nobody knows, but what we do know is that 5000 friends on Facebook makes you cool. How tragic.

WUSA9 Caption Contest Winner, Charlene Woods "Those guys look a lot bigger from down here."

WUSA9 Caption Contest Winner, Charlene Woods "Those guys look a lot bigger from down here."

Congratulations to the winner of our Facebook Photo Caption Contest, Charlene Woods. Did you watch the Super Bowl?

This photo (provided by US Presswire) is of NY Giants RB Ahmad Bradshaw running for a touchdown with :57 left on the clock.

The theory is that the New England Patriot allowed the Giants to score the touchdown, so they could get the ball back with one timeout and enough time to make a final drive. The Giants ended up winning Super Bowl XLVI 21-17.

See PHOTOS from the Super Bowl.