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Are You A Peacock or a Penguin? | Business

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Are You A Peacock or a Penguin?

On my trip to visit my daughters recently I took a few different books to read. The one I want to share with you is A Peacock in the Land Of Penguins. I believe everyone experiences a time in their life when they don’t fit in…when they want to stand up for themselves for being different from the rest of the pack. Some of us do, most of us do not.

Although this book focuses on the business world, the information is valuable from a business or personal perspective. When your view differences from others, how do you handle it? Are you confident? Do you stay silent or do you go along with the majority? Are you a peacock in the land of penguins?

Peacock is a great corporate fable about the perils and possibilities of being unique, creative and resilient in a business world that often values comfort and conformity. In organizations today, companies are trying to figure out how to build a corporate culture of talent, energy, and commitment of all employees that leads to positive organizational transformation.  We can all learn how to navigate better through the sometime’s stormy workplace by coming from a mindset of creativity and resilience and building on the strengths of our differences.

So whether in the workplace or your personal life, be the peacock.

Here are a few tips to try:

1) Stand behind what you believe in.

2) Be aware of your inner dialogue, of what you are saying to yourself…be aware of your thoughts!

3) Strive for excellence and know that your strengths, talents, skills and ideas are valuable.

4) Seek out other peacocks or like-minded people for support and friendship.


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